Can I make a radiological appointment by email?

Due to the delay in response and the rapidly changing schedules, unfortunately we cannot process appointments by email. We recommend that you make your appointment on-line by following this link or call us on +37792057600

Does the centre have a special subsidy agreement with France? Are examinations reimbursed? How can I find out the cost of my examination?
The centre has a special subsidy agreement with the French social security fund, so please bring in your social security card which will be used to create your file. After the examination you will be required to pay the cost of the examination and then we will give you a treatment sheet so that you can obtain a refund from social security.
Regarding rates, these are the agreed rates under the subsidy scheme and they vary according to the examination.
N.B.: even 100% subsidized patients must pay the cost of the examination.

What are the formalities if I have top-up health insurance (CMU), if I receive State Medical Assistance (AME), or I have had a work-related injury? Do I have to pay?
We do not take those on State Medical Assistance
Regarding top-up health insurance and work-related injuries, please bring the documents relevant to your situation so they can be processed:
– for top-up health insurance, your current social security card and your social security certificate
– for work-related injuries, remember your work-related injuries sheet

I have not received the preparation for the examination or prescription for the contrast agent: how can I obtain it?
Simply email us to obtain the documentation, or, if you can, come and get it directly from the practice.

I haven’t receive my examination report: Can you send it by email?
Your report is sent to you by post and either by email or fax to the prescribing physician. You have also been given a code allowing you to log on to our website to access your results and download your report.

I can’t log in to the results page: what can I do?
Best accessibility is from a PC or MAC; it is more difficult to view on a tablet and smartphone. Are you sure you have recorded your login code: 98.@@@@@@ ? Have you entered your date of birth correctly: DD/MMM/YYYY

I would like to download the examination to send the images to my doctor remotely:
Our system does not allow you to download the full data. Our centre cannot physically send images remotely. You have two solutions: – you can allow your doctor to access the results. He or she can view the report and images – you can copy the contents of your examination CD directly (there is no special protection) and send it using the various systems available on the internet.

There is no report in the results wallet that I received on the day of the examination:
The report will be ready within 24 to 48 hours. We will send it to your home. The referring physician will also receive it by fax or email. You will find a document that allows you to log on to our website in your examination wallet and then you can download your report.