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Chirurgie interventionnelle

Interventional radiology is an examination that involves administering local anaesthesia, then using a needle to inject an anti-inflammatory drug into the painful area.

This procedure is performed in the X-ray room for osteo-articular infiltration, and in the scan room for spine and hip infiltration. These two practices allow very precise needle guidance, are almost painless, and guarantee maximum patient comfort. The radiologist is present at all times throughout the examination which lasts about 15 minutes.

In addition to interventional radiology, we are able to offer digital radiology oreven dental imaging. You are welcome to come to our radiology centre in Monaco, from Monday to Friday all day, and on Saturday until midday.

Do you need osteo-articular or spinal infiltration?

What do you need to do?

You must complete a questionnaire on which you must specify:

– if you have allergies, especially to iodine (state this when making an appointment for your premed),

– if you are diabetic,

– if you have high blood pressure,

– if you are taking anticoagulant or aspirin treatment (let us know when you make the appointment),

– if you have an infection or a fever,

– if you could be pregnant.

Advice for interventional radiology

You should be aware that there is no need to fast before interventional radiology, but you are strongly advised to go to the toilet before the infiltration examination.

On the day of the examination, you must bring in:

– the prescription,

– previous examinations related to the infiltration,

– the products prescribed for the infiltration (contrast and anti-inflammatory agent).

What happens in the examination

An expert radiologist quickly takes charge and gives you a thorough explanation of the examination process.

Our principal goal is your satisfaction and comfort. That is why we give you the information required to give you confidence and reassure you, because your cooperation is essential for this examination to be successfully concluded.

You are then asked to lie down, on your back for joint infiltration, and on your stomach for spine infiltration.

The skin in the area to be infiltrated is thoroughly disinfected before the radiologist arrives. This is an entirely sterile procedure.

It is essential to remain stationary during infiltration, moving as little as possible. Rest assured, the radiologist and technician will be with you throughout the examination. When the procedure is over, we will put on a dressing that you can remove the next morning.

After that, the radiologist will give you all the recommendations and guidelines to follow. This includes avoiding physical activity for 48 hours. You will only notice an improvement 24 to 48 hours after the infiltration, so you are advised to take analgesics during this period if you have persistent pain.

A one-month period must be left between infiltrations, and you are limited to a maximum of three infiltrations in the same region over a one-year period.

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