The CIMM offers you an MRI examination in the Principality of Monaco

Appareil à résonance magnétique

MRI, also known as magnetic resonance imaging, is an examination providing high-quality 2D and 3D images of the inside of your body.

When the CT scan orultrasound is not enough to detect a problem in your body, we use MRI, delivered by a modern, up to date high-tech machine.

Quickly make an appointment at our centre located in the heart of Monaco, for an MRI, digital radiology and other examinations.

What happens when you have an MRI?

Once you have visited the office to deliver your doctor’s prescription, as well as details of previous examinations, if any, the radiologist checks the compatibility questionnaire.

You are allocated a small, private room where you undress and remove any metal objects you are wearing (watch, earrings, necklace, bracelets, rings, etc.). You do not need to remove your underwear, which must be cotton.

In the examination room, you will be asked to lie down on the bed, with its special antennae (used for taking images), and we will give you a soundproof helmet so you can avoid the fairly loud noises produced by the machine.

Don’t worry because you will be given an alarm buzzer in case you want the scan to stop.

The MRI examination takes only a few minutes, the time to obtain the images needed for the analysis.

Once the examination is over, you can get dressed, while the images are being reconstructed, printed, burned to CD, and detailed by the radiologist who gives you the final result immediately.

Are there any risks when we administer an MRI?

Having an MRI presents no health hazards, because the magnetic field is safe and the contrast agent used is very well tolerated.

The only possible risks are those related to the presence of a metallic foreign body in your body that you have not told us about.

It is therefore very important to tell us if you have any tattoos, and to be sure to remove all metal objects (jewellery, watches, etc.). If the examination involves the facial mass, eyeballs or skull/brain, you will also need to remove any make-up, as sometimes this may contain very small metal particles.

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